So on a Toyota Tacoma, when you press the horn, it’s got a super high pitched whiny little horn. We’re go…

So on a Toyota Tacoma, when you press the horn, it’s got a super high pitched whinylittle horn. We’re going to fix that today.
So I got the front grill off. Basically it’sjust some little tabs up here at the front. Every car is going to be a little bit different. No screws are holding mine on, just the tabs. Anyway so here’s the horn. The little highpitched guy. I recently just bought this.
It’s a low tone horn so hopefully it soundsa little bit better than the high toned one does. So now we have to switch it out, take Hi, I’m Ann, and today I’m going to talk to you about decorating with a Cape Cod feel or style. When you … off that bolt up there at the top. And it looks like that might be the only connectionon this one. We’ll see when I get it off. So with this, on my truck there’s only one wire that comes out of it. And I had this connector right here on it.
So just the onewire. So with the horn, what it says to do is take one of the connections because thereare two connections on the horn and ground it out. So I attached it to the bolt rightunderneath it which in turn attaches to the car so that’s the ground. And then the otherone; cut off the connector and attached one of the supplied connectors with the packageto that. And that just clips on the extra horn. So once it’s attached and groundedthe horn should work just fine. So now we’re going to test it out.
There we go. That’s A lot of people think trusts are only for the super wealthy — not true. Trusts can benefit anyone who wa… how to change the horn on any vehicle. Pretty much the same cuz they’re pretty universal.