So Ducati says that you can change the oil every 7,000 miles. Depending on how hard you ride, I …

So Ducati says that you can change the oil every 7,000 miles.
Depending on how hard you ride, I like to do mine every 3,000.So Ducati says that you can change the oil every 7,000 miles. Depending on how hard you ride, I ... It’s pretty simple. All the parts for this oil change can be found below in the article description, so go aheadand click on those, they are from Amazon. One of the more interesting innovations in the smart home space is the arrival of smart speakers … You need an oil filter and you also need, this is for the oil plug, a 10 millimeterAllen wrench. Sometimes you can change the oil screen when you do the oil change. This Ducati says you need to do it like every3 oil changes. I’ll make another article of how to do that.
Warm up the bike first – not so that it’s super hot so it’ll burn you -but so thatthe oil will be liquid enough to pour out. So there’s the oil plug and you just kind of see the oil draining out of there. When we think about “accouting” we often associate it to a tedious discipline and we picture an accountan… It’s about 3 quarts of oil so just be prepared for that. See that wire going into the engine right above my hand and to the right? That’s where the temperature sensor and where the oil screen is. This is the oil plug and that is a magnet right there so clean off all the little metalshavings. If you have a significant amount of shavings I would recommend, you know, changing thescreen right now.
Mine was pretty good. Here’s the oil filter. You can use a wrench to get that off. Once again the oil filters down in the article description. They are pretty inexpensive. A little bit more oil will pour out when you’re removing the oil filter. Also, keep in mind that the oil will not drain completely out of the bike unless you tipit up right.
So tip it up and let the oil kind of go towards the drain plug because the drain plug is onthe upper end of the bike which is interesting. Anyway before you put the oil filter in, take a little bit of oil and put it around theseal. This will help so that the oil filter will stick tight and not leak once you have iton there. Just like this. And then screw it in tight. Remember if you are going to use your wrench, don’t tighten it as hard as you can witha wrench because it will destroy the oil filter. With me, I just tighten it as hard as I can with my hand and that’s worked for me inthe past.
Nothing leaks out and the oil filter never comes off. Just tighten it as tight as you possibly can with your hand. Alright to test this to see how much oil is in the bike, mine took exactly 3 quarts, butmake sure that the bike is on a level surface and you can tilt the bike towards you so thatit’s, you know, straight up and down and you can see the oil level line between thosetwo lines. Alright, and there’s….once you get all the oil in there, there’s two ways of doingit. One is get the oil in, turn on the bike, let it cycle through and the oil will go insidethat filter. And then recheck the oil after the bike’s been on for about a minute or two….so afterthe oil’s done cycling. You can also just put the….before you put the oil filter on you can also just pour someoil inside of that before you screw it in…but you know, either way.
I usually do mine…just fill it up, let the bike run for a second and then recheck theoil levels after I’ve ridden around for a little bit.