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Welcome ladies and gentlemen. My name is Adam,and I’m here on the Panasonic booth at IFA 2016. Now, if you’ve been trying to find a way to be able to control products monitor let’s going on at homethen Panasonic Smart home system maybe for you. Now we’ve launched a range of products that can tie into each other.
38 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall And one of the first ones is actually a motion detector. We could set this up so that between 8PM and 8 AM if any motion is detected it could actually thentrigger off a smart plugand this could have a lamp plugged inallowing you to have illumination throughout the houseSmart Home Lifestyle #PanasonicIFA #IFA16 in these darker hours. But you may have a family scenario, 5 Modern Home Decor Ideas and the indoor camera is ideal for this becausethis can be used as a baby monitor. It includes infrared night vision, two-way communication,and a temperature sensor. And just like we said earlier,what we could do is set up so if the temperature gets too warm in the house,we could actually then have it assisted with the plugand that could actually activate a fan. But were actually showing off some new products here at IFA as well. One of them being the brand-new 1080pWi-Fi camera.
This has a 142-degree wide-angle lensand can be ideally placed anywhere around the homeso you can monitor and hear exactly what’s going on. But one of the other interesting products that we’re showing hereis actually the tiltable sensor. And as we can see here,we can actually use this based on a cat flap. So if you have pets at home and you want to know whether ornot they’re coming in and out of the home,simply will be able to tilt in the doorand you’ll receive a notification on your smart phone. And everything is free on an Android or Apple deviceand can be monitoredand also for storageall that’s required is a micro SD cardinto the hub for you to view back all your recordings.