Smart city technology is already here . CNBC International

A lot of the things that arehappening around IOT are thingsSmart city technology is already here . CNBC International that you and I wouldn’tnecessarily see on a day today basis.
So I’m here with my favorite nerd, Tim Costello. How you doing, Tim? I’m doing alright…. We are talking about IOTthat’s happening today and it’sall around us. So this is a smart scooter andit’s connected to these sensorswhich can read whether a car isapproaching you if you’reSmart city technology is already here . CNBC International moving between lanes and 38 Cozy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall actually move the scooter backinto the lane it should be. Right now where we see theinitial stages is the larger infrastructure;the companies around us thatare really taking thisadvantage of this. And making the day to day livesof ordinary people betterwithout them actually knowingit.
What Cisco Jasper have doneis fit buses aroundcities with an IOT systemwhich picks up on the densityof traffic, how slowly they’retravelling, which then preventsthe red light fromturning on, or the green lightcoming on depending on wherethe traffic is headed. Less pollution,faster commutes,happier population. So smart citieswill all be about electriccars. Now this chargepoint essentially locatesthe cars that are running lowon battery and tells them wherethe nearest charge point is. What it’s really about ismaking it easier for peopleto go about their daily lives. So a very nice gentleman hasgiven me one of these watches. Which not only does tell thetime but also can sendan alarm to a careror a hospital.
It’s basically designed forpeople maybe with dementiaor type 1 diabetes. They can be connected 24 hoursa day and also provide themwith the independence to beable to leave the home so thatif something does happen theycan be found and taken careof as quickly as possible. Much of the benefits that thisphase of IOT is going togarner is going to be aroundthe enterprise space around thebusiness space. Is it helpingthem make better products,make their businesses run moreefficiently. This stand is basicallymanaged by Clover,a company which haveintegrated anything anysmall business will possiblyneed, things like yourtransactions,your accounting,even things down toingredients. So let’s say youare a pizza joint. And you need to find out howmuch cheese or how much tomatosauce you’ve used in yourpizzas.
Well this system will actuallytell you and then order itautomatically in. But, the biggest thing aboutthis system: all your paymentsare done within this. There’s no need to payextortionate credit card feesto those credit card companies. Massive amounts of savings forsmall businesses acrossthe globe.