Sliding Door Motor Install- 2001-2005 Chrylser.Dodge Minivans

Before you install your part, check out this technical tip from CARDONE IndustriesHere is the installation process for thisSliding Door Motor Install- 2001-2005 Chrylser. Dodge Minivans replacement sliding door motor,which covers the following applications:-First, remove the seats if necessary. My name’s David and I’ve just graduated with a first-class honours in Accountancy and Finance. In the sec… Remove all interior trim as well as the door panelas necessary to gain access to the sliding door motor. When removing the door panel, make sure to use the proper tool such as a trim stick.
This will help avoid damaging the door panel and fastenersPeel back the sound guardRemove the plastic cover so you can access and disengage the drive cableUnplug the harness connector from the motorDetach the cable Replacing the windshield spray nozzle on a PT Cruiser Remove the 4 motor mounting bolts, then remove the motorFor these applications, the clips are included in the box. Inspect the replacement motor for correct fit Install the motor and secure with the 4 mounting boltsplug the harness connector into the replacement motorAttach the drive cable to the door assemblyCycle the door using the door switch. This will automatically perform a necessary Re-learn procedureto ensure proper door the sound guardinstall the plastic cable coverInstall the door panelInstall the seats (if previously removed )Finally, check the door for proper operation