Setting and Reaching Personal Finance Goals . Mint Personal Finance Software

Hi I’m Aaron Patzer, and today I wantto talk to you about a feature that I have been working onpassionately for about three years.
We have the simplest system for setting and achievingyour financial goals that’s ever been built. This money is a tool ultimately for living, Patio furnishings have come a long way. Outdoor spaces can be as nice as indoor spaces these days. 8… it’s for having things you want and doing the things you care about with the people you love. And so we surveyed our users, and wefound they had eight primary financial goals in their life. Each goal, we track your progress. We track where you started from, how much debt you initiallyhad, and then how close you are to getting down to zero.
And how much you need to pay off each month. And it keeps you on track. Hello! I recently made a super-efficient smokeless wood stove from standard NATO … This whole system has to tie in to budgeting. If you could see if you’ve got money left over,what that means in terms of your goals. Mint shows you OK an extra $100, thatmeans that you can take your dream vacation a month sooner,or that you can retire six months sooner. It translates your short-term behavior, your activity,what that means in terms of your long-term goals.
So what we wanted to do with Mint’s financial goalsis expand personal finance beyond just the numbers, beyondjust the budgets and the pie chartsand graphs of your investments into somethingthat was really aspirational or inspirational or motivational. The things that you really care about. And those are your financial goals in life,and those are the things that I’m reallyproud to say we can now help you achieve.