San Francisco Financial Planner Kristin Harad

Certified financial planner in san francisco says honestly the biggest value of having a financial planare the relief and confidence factors that you feel when you know you’re taking a a leadershiprole your financial futurewe’re not just letting like happen to youyou’re proactively pursuing your goalsthis sleep at night factor is something my clients are always saying Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas is really the biggest value coming out of a financial plan for themI know that failing to have a comprehensive financial planactually cost morenot only into direct dollarsbut in time spent trying to figure it out for yourselfagonizing over your situationthe reason I got into this kind of work is becauseI know how much people struggle Patio furnishings have come a long way. Outdoor spaces can be as nice as indoor spaces these days. 8… with balancing all the parts of their lives and I personally struggled with thatafter a while I started realizing that it came down to sort of a common factor of pursuing their dreams in creating the life you want to liveand usually that was tied to to money and having the financial freedom to do what itis you wantso I started pursuing how can I bring this freedom to peopleand it’s by starting with”okay what is it you want”and then building from there and having the financial plan and the financial foundationbe able to do thatfirst and foremost I approach financial planning with the whole life perspectiveplus I’m a mom so I understand exactly where you are right now and what you faceplus I am a CFP certificantand I am a trained life coachwhich means I can help you integrate the plan into your life and make it a realitywe don’t want your financial plan to just sit on the shelf and collect dustI’m also a fee based financial planner which means you pay a flat feeand I’m not influenced bycommissions are sales of productsfinally I give you a very tangible actions steps so you know exactly what to do when you leavewith your planand I give you a access to meso you can get your questions answered along the waya financial plan is quite literally a documentit’s actually a forty-page document that is in a binderthat’s going to break down for younot only an educational component on each areabut my specific recommendation for your situationand then very tailored action steps so that you know exactly what it is you need to doyou’re going to use this planto reference to thewhat actions to I need to takeon a higher level it’s actually a road map if the road map for you to make financialdecisionsyou can use this at a framework that when a decision faces you whether it’s large or smallyou’re able to say yes I know what to do because I have a financial planI help you tie togetherall of the different areassee how they inter relate and identify your top prioritiesso you know which goalsyou have to fund first and which ones can waitI find that when people ask me that questionthey do they need a plannercan I just do it myselfthat this usually indicates that they in fact do need a financial plannerin fact it’s very helpful to have a planer come inno matter what the situation isbecause I can provide third party perspectiveI’m unbiased I’m providing an objective look at where you areand since money can be a big stressor in a relationshipit’s important to have someone come in without judgmentto see where you areand help you move where you want to go