Rotate Stuck or Seized Torque Converter and flywheel video

So I’m underneath a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s a ’95. The flywheel isn’t moving very smoothly so I’ve kind of rigged up a contraptionRotate Stuck or Seized Torque Converter and flywheel video to make the flywheel rotate. Hopefully this will help someone else out in the future. With the flywheel you have to get the torque converter bolts in.
Ludovico Micro Office for Small Spaces . Expand Furniture So I have one, but as you can see the other bolt is way too far up in there. It’s the one at the very top of the screen. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken one of these tie downs and I’ve wrapped it around this front arm right here, coming down and then grapping up where it connects with thetire here. You can see where it clicks in. Then I have the bolt sticking out of one of the holes in there. As you can see as I pull on this it rotates the flywheel.
Obviously you don’t want to do this as your first method of attack just because it might My name’s David and I’ve just graduated with a first-class honours in Accountancy and Finance. In the sec… cause damage in the future, but it does rotate the flywheel. As you need to rotate you can pull out…you can loosen up the tie down, move the boltand keep on rotating. So that bolt up there that I need to put in, it’s just about in place. So thanks to that handy contraption I can now get this bolt in. So yeah, we’re good. Another way of rotating the flex plate is taking a wrench that’s smaller in diameterthan the thickness of your flex plate, and putting it up in there so that it attacheson one of the grooves and the flex plate itself.
Then if you push up, it’s still pretty difficult, but if you push up, you can rotate the flexplate as you can see right there. Anyway, just put it down, rotate up. So that’s one way to do that.