Replacing the windshield spray nozzle on a PT Cruiser

So right now we’re going to fix one of these little nozzles. On this car this one’s just not sprayingReplacing the windshield spray nozzle on a PT Cruiser – it’s not connected. And you can see on the inside here that it’s been leaking all the way through. If you look at it you can see that it’s not connected to any hose at all. 6 Asian Home Décor ideas This little nipple thing has been snapped off so basically we’re going to break thisone out and then pop one of these new ones in.
So basically I just grabbed down onto the plastic and then the whole thing just disintegrated. So now that the other one was properly disintegrated, take the little nozzle, put the rubber washeron it, and then you can just pop it down inside of that opening right there and that willmake it so that when you tighten it down it won’t hurt any of the paint of anythinglike that. So this is the hose coming out from the pump and it’s still got a little bit of thatplastic stuff left in it from the last nozzle so I’m just kind of digging that out with Ludovico Micro Office for Small Spaces . Expand Furniture a razor blade. And then once that’s off it should just be able to pop right onto that one cuz thenozzle’s already going straight down. There it is, snapped into place. I didn’t need any of these extra parts.
Obviously I can replace the other one if I want to or extend it. This would attach a hose to a hose. There you go. That’s how to install the nozzles for your windshield wiper fluid.