Quick Candles fantastic products

Quick Candles fantastic products Hi my name is Joel and I own Curly Willow Designs. I wanted to share with y’all a little bit today about Quick Candles fantastic products that I absolutely love to use and the reason that I love to use these products is because I always work into any event that I do or anything that I do at my own personal home I work in the 3 S’s. And what the 3 S’s are its just how I like to approach a project.
I like things to be simple, I like things to be sophisticated, and I like things to offer me great speed. So that’s kind of what really drives me to use this product. And also it’ll be a drive for you to use it in your own personal home cause it’s just easy and gives you such a great look. One thing that’s really great about the sets is you can see how wonderful the glass looks it’s very clear, it’s got a thick base to it. It’s really really high quality glass which is all made here in the USA and also the candles, the 3 inch candles that float are also made in the USA so it’s just a great product that you can feel very good about buying. One of the things that I was going to do was show y’all actually how to insert one of the 3 inch candles down into the cylinder with the water already in it. We filled the water up to within about 4 inches of the top of the cylinder and now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the floating candle and I’m using the wick and I’m going to put the candle down in there and float it.
Just be careful to put it in and not let water touch the wick cause you don’t want to get the wick wet. And then what we do is we light it and Voila, you have a great great great looking product that is sophisticated, that is just an incredible look for any event that you might do or anything you might do in your own home. Now I want to go over how the sets are actually sold and why you should buy those sets. The sets are sold in either a group of 4 and in that group of 4 you get a 6 inch cylinder, you get a 7.5 inch cylinder, you get a 9 inch cylinder and then you get a 10.5 inch cylinder. These are just a wonderful wonderful way to give a great look to any kind of table that you’re doing. We sell these in bulk where you get the candle and then you get the glassware and that’s if you’re doing a large event and that comes in a set of 48. They also can be bough individually and they come in sets of12 which is a great way to actually, you know, if you want something where you got all the same size vase or cylinder on the same table then you can buy 12 at a time.
Y’all in the second set what I wanted to do was show you basically how you can buy this set of glass cylinders, it comes in a set of 3 and they come in a 6 inch cylinder, 7.5 inch cylinder and a 10.5 inch cylinder. They come with the floating candles that you can put down in them and those are just a wonderful look for a single table or you can actually buy this in bulk and get it in a set of 36 with the candles. It’s just a phenomenal look for a very simple table and then also you can make it look as extravagant as you want to by putting things down in the vases. Lastly I’d like to leave you with the 3 S’s. Simple, Sophisticated and Speed. Those are all things that Quick Candles can offer you and anything that you might plan for the home or for an event. Happy planning.