Portable Appliance Testing Service (PAT Test) in United Arab Emirates What is PAT Testing?…

Portable Appliance Testing Service (PAT Test)in United Arab EmiratesPortable Appliance Testing Service (PAT Test) in United Arab Emirates What is PAT Testing?... What is PAT Testing?
PAT testing is the short form of PortableAppliance Testing which originated in UK in mid Eighties. The Miracle of Christmas (Home Decor DIY Ideas) What is the Purpose of the Test ? The purpose of the test is primarily to ensuresafety of the user from Electrical shock in various daily life applications. The test need to be carried out on each and every instrument as a routine test and is not a sampling test. What are Different type of appliances? For the purpose of this test various electricappliances are classified as Class1, Class2 etc. Class 1 items are toasters, Microwave ovens, electric kettles, washing machines, hot plates, This is Financial Advisor Patrick Munro talking about the benefits of living cheaply.
Well folks we live … iron, refrigerator, heater etc class 2 equipment are trimmers, lawn mowers,power tools, electrical drills, food grinders, hair dryers, Televisions, DVD Players etc. What are the applicable tests? These are a combination of tests to find outwhether all exposed metal parts of an equipment are well connected to earth so that even incase of an electrical leakage, the person who touches the metal part will not be harmed. First part of the test is to visually inspect whether all visible parts of the electricalsystem are in good condition. For records, it is preferred to take photos and documentfor each equipment. Second part of the test is testing the insulationlevels so that possibilities of current leakage is minimized. This test is carried out byapplying a high voltage through electrical wires and by checking the insulation resistance.
If the resistance is high it indicates that there is good insulation between the currentcarrying parts and the body of the equipment, thus ensuring sufficient level of safety levels. The insulation level of various insulators get decreased over a period of time and thiswill be visible in the test results if tested every year. Testing of current carrying electrical wires. This test is carried out to ensure that thewires of the equipment are with good insulation levels. Also the polarity of the wires aretested. I E C type wires can be tested separately as a single test. Dielectric strength test is carried out by applying a very high voltage through the powersupplying wires.
All equipment are designed to withstand these high level of voltage fora short duration without breaking down the insulation. Apart from the above, the PAT Test involves testing of Residual Current Device to checkthat the RCD trips at the preset level, typically30 milli ampere. What is the required frequency of PAT test? PAT test is not a one time test to be doneprior to the supply of the equipment. The test has to be carried out at regular intervalsof one year for most of the products depending upon their usage, criticality, manufacturerrecommendation, local regulations etc. What are the testers and instruments requiredfor carrying out PAT? There are variety of testing instruments available,few of which are listed hereunder:SEAWARD PAT tester model Apollo 500 or 600Fluke 6000 series Metrel Omega testerMegger tester Vacker U A E carries out PAT test for allcommercial and industrial applications.