PG&E Calibration Team Ensures Tools Measure Up

Behind every measurement is a tool. And at PG&E, there are alot of tools – an estimatedPG&E Calibration Team Ensures Tools Measure Up 30-thousand in all. They’reeverywhere.
These are instruments that are in trucks,in vehicles, hanging in somebody’s tool belt. This is How to Teach Your Teen to Manage Money. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so make sure y… Bob Collins. The Navy veteran works at PG&E’s AppliedTechnology Services facility in San Ramon. It’s at this retrofuturistic building where some of the company’s most innovative work happens. The team’s current project is near and dear toCollins. That’s because PG&E is adapting software developed bythe U.
S. Navy to track every tool the company uses. Now thisis an old shunt. Some of these that we have are 1860, and stillconsidered a precision piece of equipment. Collins heads the12-member team that calibrates the equipment used by the men 6 Asian Home Décor ideas and women who help provide safe and reliable gas and electricservice to millions of customers. Every day, they testpressure gauges, volt meters and torque wrenches – to name just a few of the portable tools and instruments used throughout thecompany. Their work reduces costs and human errors.
And itensures the measurements adhere to national standards. Precisionis key; this dial indicator is tested up to ten millionths ofan inch. They either measure voltage or pressure,temperatures, mass, flow -anything that measures. PG&Erecently showcased the software during its annual event tohighlight the company’s newest innovations. That includesequipment that manages solar panels on the electric grid andlab testing of heating and air conditioning systems. Collinssays he’s proud to be part of a project that helps ensure PG&Eprovides safe and reliable energy. I’m coming towards theend of my career.
What’s really important is that myself and myteam, especially the senior techs, that we leave thisutility in a better way than we found it. The commitment to thescience of measurement is of utmost importance. It has adirect relation to safety, so the work that we do is extremelyimportant.