Paper Crafts(Home Decoration Ideas). 3D Paper Flower Ball Lantern

Paper Crafts(Home Decoration Ideas).  3D Paper Flower Ball Lantern How to make a Paper Flower ball/ Christmas Lantern/ Diwali lantern Lets start making the Paper Flower ball Things required Lets begin Take a white square sheet of paper Fold the sheet into half Again fold it into half Fold the square along the diagonal Again fold along the diagonal Fold as described Cut along the flap side Draw an arc starting from the right angled corner towards other edge Cut along the arc Open the shape 5 petal flower shape is formed Cut this rough shape on coloured sheets of paper We require 12 shapes of this type Mark cuts in anticlockwise direction till half of each petal Join all the shapes together Take one colored sheet and form it as a base Adjust 5 different colored sheets in 5 cuts of base petal Stick the two adjacent sheers as well Similarly fix the rest of the sheets One layer of flower ball is ready Take green colored sheet and adjust it between red and orange Take pink sheet and adjust between orange and yellow Stick pink and green together Similarly take other sheets and join them with first layer sheets.
Also connect them together. Stick the last sheet into 5 sheets of second layer Paper Flower Ball/ Diwali lantern/ Christmas Lantern is ready