One of the more interesting innovations in the smart home space is the arrival of smart speakers …

One of the more interesting innovations in the smart home spaceis the arrival of smart speakersfrom groups like Amazon and their Amazon Echo and Dot and Show. Or Google Home.
They’re really cool. You can pair them with your smart home serviceand instead of pulling out your phone or walking near a panel Helen Aumont Gives Us a Tour of Her Countryside Home . Pottery Barn to control anything in your house, you just use your voice. So you say something as simple like, “Alexa, tell Vivint to lock my front door.”Or, “Alexa, tell Vivint I’m hot.”And it will just turn down the temperature automatically to the way you like it. The thing that’s really cool is you can say something as simple assay it’s nighttime and you’re picking up the kids and you’re heading upstairs to bedyou say, “Alexa, tell Vivint I’m going to bed.”And then a series of things will happen. I see our family as a very modern family—with our children living at home with us—mainly because so many … It will arm your security system, it will lock your front door,it will turn your thermostats down or even turn off your lights. So all those things on a simple voice commandso you don’t have to mess with apps or panelsyou can just use your voice.
And that’s really awesome when it’s integrated with a smart home system.