Okay so we’re changing the brake pads on a motorcycle. This particular one is a VStar 1100. …

Okay so we’re changing the brake pads on a motorcycle. This particular one is a VStar 1100.Okay so we’re changing the brake pads on a motorcycle. This particular one is a VStar 1100. ... It’s a shaft driven but that doesn’t matter when you’re changing the brake pads.
It’s all pretty universal with all the motorcycles that are disc brake. So basically these two bolts are holding on the caliper. 15 Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2017 And the caliper is the place that has two brake pads inside of it. I’m going to pull that off and show you. On these particular…on this caliper, these bolts are 12 millimeter. So I just took it off. You can see the two bolts that I unscrewed.
You can see inside of the caliper that those are the two brake pads that slide over therotor which is right here. So when you pull the handle it compresses– it pushes the brake fluid down through Pella Insynctive smart products for your windows and doors are easy to connect to a compatible home autom… those lines and compresses the two brake pads together. So to get to the actual brake pads themselves you have to pop off the cap…there’s acap that sits on the top of that and basically it has that little lip you kind of press in and it pops off. You can kind of see it says for pad service you pop it off. Anyway, kind of a hard shot right here, but up here at the top of this there’s a littlecotter pin in that. I already took it out, but then you can see this pin is coming loose. So once I get that pin out, this metal bracket will pop off releasing the brake pads.
And then you can see the cotter pin, the pin itself and then the bracket for the brakepads. So we have the new brake pad and the old brake pad and you can kind of see how worn downthe old one was. But now we have a problem because the newer brake pad is thicker than the older brakepad. So we have to find a way to compress these…those two circles in there which are the pistonsfor the brake pads. We need to find a way to push them back out so the brake pads will fit in and still fitover the rotor. I’m pressing this as hard as I can with my fingers right now and it won’t go backout. So what you have to do is when you have more space it’s nice to use a c-clamp like thator a pair of channel locks.
So you just kind of compress those back into the caliper itself so I’ll have more room. I also unscrewed the brake fluid reservoir up there to let the levels inside fluctuatea little bit while I was decompressing these. Basically I use two channel locks – these two guys right here – to grab one on eitherside and compress them in. That way now that they’re completely open I can get my pads in there, pop those twopins back through, put the cotter pins through them after I put that metal plate in, andthen hopefully it all slides back on over the rotor itself. Alright you can kind of see down in there I got the two pins…this is definitely easierfor someone with smaller hands. That’s how you do it. I’m going to pop that cap back into place and wiggle it back ontothe rotor.