Okay, so right now we’re going to replace a front fender on a Nissan Sentra. You can see that this one is…

Okay, so right now we’re going to replace a front fender on a Nissan Sentra.
You can see that this one is just, you know, completely bent off.Okay, so right now we’re going to replace a front fender on a Nissan Sentra. You can see that this one is... So I have the new fender right here. I laid it out so you can see where the screw holes are. So you can see there are some mounting holes in the front, and then along the top and along So you’re going to build a spider. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the kit. We’ve got a… that bottom side. So I’m just going to go through and unscrew all the holes on this fender here.
Like you can see the screw holes here…there…and there. And then pop the new one back into place. There’s one inside the door right here, as well as I think there’s another one downthere at the bottom but this one’s been broken off. And there’s another one right inside here on the bumper on this little slot, and itjust goes through there. So quick side note, if you plan on getting your painted, there’s a good chance that 40 Stunning New Year Living Room Decor Ideas the paint shop will want this before you mount it on your car so they can paint the insideedge of it. Because with their paint gun, once it’s mounted, it won’t grab the inside edge and you might have some black marks, you know, showing eventually. So this one I’m not going to get painted.
We’re just going to leave it black. But then once they’ve painted the inside, you mount it, and then they can blend it withthe car to match better, cuz paint fades over time and it’s not the same color now asit was stock, you know, 10 years ago. But since I’m just leaving this one black, we’re not going to have it painted at all. It’s already coated so it’s not going to rust or anything. And here you can see on the original piece what I was talking about with that paintingthe inside edges first before you put it on. That’s even what they did at the factory. Anyway, so there are a bunch of little plastic bits on this that you can transfer over tothe new one if you want.
A lot of them are just like to hold the bumper in place. A lot of this is broken though, so I’m just going to have to get some other kind of fastenersto just, you know, tighten the bumper onto the main metal part. But I’m ready to put the other fender in place. Then by opening the door all the way, I had enough room to slide that in. Now I just need to screw it all back down again, getting those 3 screws along the top…twoscrews down by the end… and then the one screw on the inside of this bumper right here. And then I’m going to have to find some new fastener because this has been rippedthrough. I’m going to find a new fastener to tighten these two things together.
And we should be set. Down here along the bottom there is another bolt right here. This was a little bit bent so I had to hit it a couple times with a hammer to straightenit out and get that screw in. But it’s pretty solid. I’ll link the part for the fender in the article description below. You can get them for pretty much any vehicle on Amazon so check there, and feel free toprice match. For this connection right here, I just used an extra bolt locking washer and nut thatI had lying around.
So that turned out pretty good. And everything’s back on. This part right here is actually pretty cheap. I got it off of Amazon for like 60 or 70 bucks. And all the fenders are pretty much the same no matter what vehicle you’re working on.