Ok so we’re underneath a Toyota Tacoma here. I’m about to replace the back shocks. You can…

Ok so we’re underneath a Toyota Tacoma here. I’m about to replace the back shocks.Ok so we’re underneath a Toyota Tacoma here. I’m about to replace the back shocks. You can... You can see it’s been kind of wearing down on that side there.
People say that you should replace your shocks every 50,000 miles. That’s always up for debate. 60 Storage Ideas for Small Apartments This truck has about 160,000 on it though so I figure it’s about time. You can see on this other shock as well it’s been kind of wearing down. Anyway. Shocks here; the longer one goes on the left. The shorter one goes on the right.
It’s bound up right now just so it makes it easier to put it on. It’s relatively straight forward. It comes with all the bushings and stuff that you’ll need to put it in. So on this truck it’s a 17 millimeter bolt on the bottom and the top. We’re expecting to see new security cameras, new kinds of motion sensors, integrated floodlight that… Pretty simple to take off, just undo the bolt. Make sure to press the new bushings into the little circle part that goes onto the bolts. Make sure they’re evenly spaced around that side.
On this one I’ve already finished putting it in. I just pressed the bushings into either side of it. Then put the new washer; same old bolt, it’s got a little locking washer right here. Then the same up on the top. If you take off the tire, obviously you have more room to work. But I was able to do it all. The bolts weren’t stuck too bad on this one.
I’ll show you what I did to push the bushings in. You can kind of see that it’s ribbed up in the center there. And if you take the shorter end of the bushing and push it into the side and the other endin this side and just get them to stay. The farther in that they are…the farther pressed in that they are, the easier it willbe to get them onto the bolt and to get the nut in the bolt as well. Anyway so what I did is I took both the palms in my hands and just pressed it against bothof those. This is kind of difficult while holding the camera. But I line them up right and then use the palms of my hands to press them in all theway.
So obviously you kind of get the point on that. Channel locks are also a way of doing it. Just kind of grabbing it just like that and pinching one side at a time, making sure they’reboth level. Like I said before, the tighter that they’re in the easier it is to put them on in theend. So for some reason you can kind of see along the edge of this bolt, like it’s all rustedup a little bit. This is where the shock sat on. So now you got to make sure to clean that stuff off or else the other bushings aren’tgoing to slide on very easily.
With the top one I just hit it with the hammer a couple of times. I’m going to clean most of it off. You can kind of see it up in there. So that should be ready for the other bushing. There we go. Both shocks are now on the truck. The whole process probably took about 45 minutes.
Hardest part is just getting them off and then getting them back on. The bolts are…when you put the bolts in it’s kind of hard to get them to reach thepart where they screw in just because they’re kind of short.