Now we’ve narrowed it down to a certain extent but there are a few more elements that need to be reviewed…

Now we’ve narrowed it down to a certain extent but there are a few more elements that needto be reviewed. One very important one is your family. In making this decision probablyto move from a 9 to 5 job working for a company where you have nice security and you havecoworkers, you have moral support of them.
You have a pretty set job description of whatyour job is and what you’re going to do to a new life of being a franchisee where it’syour business. You have to set your own schedule. You have to make the commitment. You have I have this problem… that whenever I leave my house, an important package is delivered while I’m gone…. to make it happen and you need the support of your family, your wife especially and ofcourse if you have children that your children understand that this is going to be a big change. There’s going to be a lot more up and down. A lot more frustration, a lot ofproblems, a lot of stress financially because the business, undoubtedly, is going to absorbmore money and no matter how well you figure out the costs there’s going to be more moneyneeded probably to make it successful.
And the time frame in which the success ramp upis probably going to be longer than what other people have said and could be longer, couldbe shorter. Maybe you’ll have great success;fine. Then the financial problems and stress When you decorate an apartment, rental rules can limit your options. Here are 5 ways to make a rental fee… on your family won’t be there, but it’s better to plan for it and to know it and to discussit and sit down, especially with the wife, and make sure she understands the difference between this 9 to 5 job that you have now and this moving into a franchise where you’rein a business that’s your business and that you’re going to have to really work hard tomake it a success.