Now that we have successfully setup our new Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi devices, this video will demo…

Now that we have successfully setup our new Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi devices, thisvideo will demonstrate how you can add voice control using Amazon Alexa. It’s awesome to simply say, “Alexa, turn all lights off” at the end of the nightas your head hits the pillow. Without any extra hardware other than a Leviton Wi-Fi device and an Amazon Alexa-enabled device,you can! No home automation system?
No problem! With Pella Insynctive smart products for your windows and doors, y… What Alexa Commands can be issued to Leviton Decora Smart with Wi-Fi dimmers, switches,and plug-in modules? Alexa, turn on Alexa, turn off Alexa, set to Percent Alexa, brighten Alexa, dim Alexa, turn on Easily add the Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, Show, etc. Before beginning this effort, please ensure your Leviton Wi-Fi device is installed and Home Decorating Basics Ideas for Designing Window Curtains that the My Leviton app is setup with an account and connected to your device. Previous videos showcase both the hardware install and app setup process if you have not executed those portions yet. To begin, open the Alexa app on your mobile device and select “Smart Home” from themenu. Next, select “Get More Smart Home Skills”.
Now search for “My Leviton” and select it from the results. We enable the skill, which will begin to link Alexa to your My Leviton account. Simply enter the email address and password that you utilize to login to your My Levitonapp, and click “Link Your Account”. When your MY Leviton account has been successfully linked, press the X button in the top rightcorner of the screen to return to the Smart Home page of the Alexa app. Now, we need to tell Alexa which devices we’d like to voice control. Select “Discover Devices” to search for any connected Leviton Wi-Fi devices. Once the discovery is complete, you will see all Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices andany activities from the My Leviton app displayed under the “Your Devices” heading.
These are now linked and you can begin using your voice to control these devices and activities. If you don’t want voice control on a specific device, just tap “Forget”. Please note – any time that you use the My Leviton app to add more smart devices orrename an existing device after this integration, you can simply say, “Alexa, discover mydevices” and Alexa will automatically link your updated device names or new Leviton products. Try it out! You can now ask Alexa to turn on your switches, dim your dimmers, or turn on an activity.