Nayeem Hussain: so at keen home we’re focused on adding technology to core funct…

♪ MUSIC ♪NAYEEM HUSSAIN: So at Keen Home we’re focused on addingtechnology to core functions of a home. Our first product is theKeen Home Smart Vent which adds technology to a product thathasn’t been redesigned in over 60 years which is the heatingand cooling air vent. So the product is installed in, Kuri was unvailed at CES 2017 and is an adorably cute living companion who walks around the home and help… generally, rooms that are unused for large portions of the day,so bedrooms, dining rooms, dens, home offices. So you simply pop out existing air vent from the duct opening, whether that’s awall, floor or ceiling and you put our product in its place. From that point on you simply insert included four double Abatteries, insert that into the cartridge and the product willthen pair to your home’s network. Once that happens it’sa seamless experience. It automatically opens and closesto intelligently redirect air flow throughout your home on a 20 ideas how to makeover Small house room by room level.
You can control our product with anyInternet connected device, but it’s designed to be a touchless experience, so you would essentially install it, it wouldinstall a default schedule, but the goal would be for theproduct to learn based on your home and your habits. Theproduct has sensors built into it which is temperature,proximity and pressure to basically determine the optimalopen and close pattern for you. The product is battery operatedso power management is very important in everything that wedo. We wanted to get at least two years of battery life fromfour double A batteries. So that means a very efficient motoroperation, algorithms that not only learn, but also areefficient in that there’s not so much computing going on ourmicroprocessor. Beyond that, the safety of this HVAC system wasparamount. So we didn’t want to damage anybody’s system so wehave software and hardware on board that measures the healthof your HVAC system to warn you if you’re perhaps, closing offtoo many vents at the same time.
When you’re a young companystaffing up is very important, so NSF funding has been used forresearch purposes, optimizing our algorithms, making ourmachine learning that much better, funding talentedengineers and other staff members to do that work and,hopefully bring our product to market in the next six months.