(Nathan Axelsson) Regional Development Australia, Northern Inland, are the project leaders …

(Nathan Axelsson) Regional Development Australia, Northern Inland,are the project leaders(Nathan Axelsson) Regional Development Australia, Northern Inland, are the project leaders ... of the consortium involved in the smart house. It’s all about showing how a housethat might typically be used by a family of four How to Install Electrical Outlets . Drilling a Hole in the Ceiling or Floor for an Electrical Outlet can embrace the NBN and touch and feel and learn the different technologies.(Paddy Rice) It’s an open social tool where we aim to givedevelopers, the general public and industry alike the ability to access a home with real information,real data that we can stream to them real timeto build applications, develop new solutions,develop new business models(Nathan Axelsson) Regional Development Australia, Northern Inland, are the project leaders ... and once its proven in one home it goes across the community.
With a double-duty island, breakfast and coffee station, and a suite of high-tech appliances, … We’ve got a Central Energy Smart Meterand we have Samsung technology, all the wireless technology. We have a number of different systems being installed into a home by CSIRO. We’ve got electronic sensors and devices which are able to connect to multipledifferent systems – to vehicles, to internal house security systems. When those systems are all connectedthe important thing about our platformis if you think of Facebook as social collaboration,we’re data collaboration. The applications that we buildgo into tele-health,we have different sensors, different hardware capabilitiesso that when you mix it all together from anadvanced system like the Blum offers smart drawers in the kitchen,we can connect that, the input and output control,so if an aged person leaves the bedroomwe know what time they leave the bedroom. When they walk into the kitchen– so they might have dementiawe’re able to open the drawers to remind them to take their pills. In the same instance, if they have a cooktop onwe can turn that cooktop off andmake sure the elderlyare able to stay in the home for a longer period of time.
We’ve gone through the information ageand I think the NBN’s really enabling a new age,which is the conceptual age,where its imagination and creativitythat’s going to enable us to push new avenues and new frontiers.(Nathan Axelsson) What excites me about the NBN is thatits future proof and that the applications that we’ll be usingin five or ten years haven’t even been dreamt of yet. This is infrastructure for our children and our grandchildren. It’s not just about the here and now;This is about setting up Australiato have a significant competitive advantage over the rest of the world.