>> Narrator: Introducing Greet, the smart doorbell from Zmodo that’s easy to set up and ea…

>> Narrator:Introducing Greet, the smart doorbell from Zmodothat’s easy to set up and easy to use.
Answer your door from anywhere. See who’s there and talk to them through your smartphone.>> OFFICE WOMAN: Hi! I get to know Singapore Furniture Rental through the Mencius Property Investment program. And I feel this… >> DELIVERY MAN:Hi, I have a delivery for Mrs. Anderson.>> Great, just leave it at the door, thanks.>> OK, no problem.>> NARRATOR:Receive video clip motion alerts on your phone,even when somebody doesn’t ring the doorbell. You and can also record a voice message to play for visitors when you can’tor don’t want to answer the door. Hi, I’m Susan Yoder, and I work as an interior designer for Clayton Homes.
I’d like to give you tips toda… >> (recording in female voice) Sorry I can’t come to the door right nowplease give me a call if it’s urgent.>> NARRATOR:Missing a call doesn’t mean missing a visitor. With Greet’s built-in storage, you can replay several weeks worth of recorded clipsfrom motion alerts and missed visitors. Greet let’s you create alert schedules to choose when you are notified,and you can even turn off your chime for a peaceful night. Greet by Zmodo