My name is Justin with Intel. I’m here with the Path-to-Product Smart Home at t…

My name is JustinMy name is Justin with Intel. I'm here with the Path-to-Product Smart Home at t... with Intel. I’m here with the Path-to-Product SmartHome at the IBM booth at IDF. The Path-to-Product Smart Home culminates various things. Would you like to learn more about home security?
Hi, my name is David with Whitestone Builders…. The administration app monitors various sensorsfrom the Smart Home. We have a doorbell, which you could seeis reflected in our admin app. The opening of a door, again, shown in your admin app. In this Path-to-Product Smart Home solutionMy name is Justin with Intel. I'm here with the Path-to-Product Smart Home at t... we use an Intel IoT Gateway. On the Intel IoT Gateway, we used the Intel IoT Gateway The other saw that you might use is a circular saw. And, of course, the circular saw excels at doing stra… software suite.
The Intel IoT Developer Kit includes your IDEs,your sensor libraries that can be used to run all these different sensors. When you’re ready with your prototype and completed,you can have the confidence now to use this same software stackto create your product. We’re using IBM Bluemix to send all this local datainformation to the cloud and backto your application for viewing. So as you saw from Intel, Edge Deviceis how you get the data from the Edge Device into IBM Bluemix. IBM Bluemix is a platform as a servicethat IBM provides in its public cloud. And you can have your instances running there. When you bring the data into IBM cloud,you have all these services like Watson servicesthat you can use to analyze the data that are also databaseand analytics that you can do with all the datathat you collected from the Edge.
Where you can go to is You can click on the Catalog, and you cansee all the list of services. There are a hundred plus servicesthat you can play with. And you can use those services alongwith you can bring in containers and virtual machineson the same platform. Go to to learn moreabout the Path-to-Product Smart Home.