My favorite wall décor ideas!

My favorite wall décor ideas! Hi there! Today, I wanted to share a few ideas with you about how I’m approaching my own home This year I’ve really committed to working on my home. I hate to say it, I’m just like the cobbler. By the time I’m done with work, my kiddos & all of other’s life obligations I barely have time to work on my home. But just like any other project we committed to “finishing” certain areas of our home this year. Whenever I’m working on my home or a design project I’m always on the lookout for stunning one of a kind artwork. I do this all throughout out the process as you never know what you will find when you start hunting.
And when I think about artwork that doesn’t always mean paintings – I love looking for objects, fragments, old doors and fabric remnants. A huge trend that’s been surfacing with all of the designers is using tapestries in design! I know what you’re thinking – I don’t have one and I can’t imagine having one but just take a moment to pause and understand the beauty of these. What is so extraordinarily fascinating is these beauties started out for a utilitarian purpose – originally tapestries were intended to help keep the large rooms of castles and chateaus warm. They were originally placed against the large walls to protect against cold, damp weather, and to insulate the halls and rooms within a house, castle or chateau. However starting in the 13th and 14th century– inspired by Gothic art- which is a term I’m sure you’ve heard of –tapestries were created weaving stories of God and religion. French tapestries became very popular and continued to experience a renaissance and are still quite the rage in the tapestry world.
What makes these pieces so fascinating and unique are one – a true antique piece would have been handmade by an artisan that had to undergo years and years of apprenticeship and second the subject matters. Historically you’ll find a huge range of subject matters in a tapestry, such as what was going on the times, symbols of protection or hope, aspiration, scientific journaling– what? That means you’d find tapestries depicting nature scenes and the inter-workings of the animal kingdom as documented during that time! So how do you know if it’s antique or not? My favorite wall décor ideas! For a lot of couples, money can be a sensitive topic–especially when the relationship starts to get seri… Well, you have to study the subject matter and do a little research on it when you find one. Look at the back – is it is perfect? That means it’s probably a reproduction– which is still great – just know what you’re buying.
Several of the original factories in France reproduce their tapestry designs from the 16th century so you can get a very authentic reproduction. Take a look at the front – does it look perfect? If so this might be a reproduction. There’s nothing wrong with getting a reproduction, these tips are just a helpful guide to help you know the difference! In today’s interiors I love how classic a tapestry looks against our modern interiors. I especially love the storytelling, the detailed work, the history behind the pieces and the handwork.