(music). We’ve all experienced waking up in the middle of the night and fumbling for a light switch in th…

We’ve all experienced waking up in the middleof the night and fumbling for a light switch in the dark. Well, at Designing Spaces, we’realways on the lookout for simple solutions for everyday problems. Once again, we’ve gota tip that can shed some light on how to avoid being left in the dark. The Sunbeam LED powerfailure night light from L’image Home Products. But wait, this is not your grandmother’s nightlight. This one gives light even when the power goes out, and it responds to motion. Hello welcome to the money management kit online.
The kit has been designed to assist you … So, when you start to get out of bed or enter a room, it lights automatically. This is thebirth of the smart night light. Night lights have evolved into multifunctional products, and they are no longer just night lights. Plus, the cost to operate LED night lightsis much lower than regular incandescent night lights due to reduced power consumption. Abuilt-in motion sensor will activate automatically when the room is dark and motion is detected. The night light will turn off when the room is lit. The motion sensor can be turned offif you want, so the night light just stays lit.
In this mode, the auto dimming functionadjusts to a lower brightness if no motion is detected for 23 seconds. The LED nightlight’s built-in rechargeable battery powers the night light so that in case of a power In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to download Furniture Library Editor for Sweet Home … outage, you’ll still have light when you need it. But that’s not all. Another reason whywe love this night light is because you can also use it as a portable flashlight providing instant light on demand. Emitting blue light as a night light or white light as a flashlight,we think the Sunbeam LED rechargeable power failure night light flashlight is a versatileaddition to any room in the house. Sunbeam provides practical solutions for every dayliving and is trusted for over 100 years. The Sunbeam LED power failure night lightflashlight from L’image Home Products is a great gift idea, too.
It’s available exclusivelyat Costco Warehouses throughout the U. S. For more information on the company and its products,visit LimageHomeProducts. Com. This has been another Designing Spaces tip.(music). You can visit these websites tolearn more about the participants on this edition ofDesigning Spaces.(music).