(Music) Today we are going to test the durability of the iPhone 6S. The latest phone from Apple. …

(Music)Today we are going to test the durability of the iPhone 6S. The latest phone from Apple.
If you’re looking fo… 6s. You can see that the screen is flexing a little bit with the amount of pressure thatI am applying to the phone. Now.. apple is still using the same ion strengthened glassthat they used for the iphone 6 and 6 plus, so there is no surprise that the razor blade easily scratches the heck out of this phone.(for reference, the Samsung galaxy s6 wasunscathed by my razor blade.) The good news is, that when I take my keys and try and scratchthe front screen… nothing happens. Now… The sandpaper test…
One solid swipe withthe sand paper basically ruins the screen. If you’re the type of person who takes meticulouscare of your cell phone… but still has random little scratches on your screen after a few Hi! This is Alfred on behalf of Expert Village. Now it is time to evaluate your current spending and set goals. … days… Its from super tiny rocks, or grains of sand in your pocket.
Now you know. Maybeyou should do laundry more often. So it really just depends on what is touching the screen. Sharp metal, rocks, and sand paper kill it… softer metals like keys and coins do nothing. Now that the iPhone can finally record in4k, its important that the camera lens isscratch resistant. Lets see if it holds up better than the screen did.
The iphone 6 lenswas supposedly sapphire glass, and it did not scratch, There were rumors that they weregoing to stop using the sapphire glass for the 6s because of how brittle it is… Butsince the 6s lens is not scratching either… It looks like they stuck with sapphire. Now for the back of the iphone 6s. With my razor blade I was able to make these cutelittle curly que aluminum filings. Ive never seen that happen. Apple decided to use a 7000series aluminum alloy The alloy supposedly combines Zinc, magnesium, and aluminum.
Applesays it is 60% stronger than regular aluminum and 1/3 the density of steel… But we’llsee if it helps with the whole bendgate fiasco. As you can see… pretty much anything that touches the back aluminum will leave a mark. Razors.. Keys, And coins. So keep it out of your purse unless it’s in a case.
Flame test! Always one of my favorites. Lets see if this 3d touch screen can handle theheat. As you can see, after a few seconds of my lighter burning the phone… the pixlesstart to shut off. BUT just like with the regular apple IPS LCD displays, the screenfully recovers and the pixels function like normal after they have cooled down. Onto the bend test!
Lets see if that 7000series holds up. The phone survives the firstround of bending. You can see that the screen pops up a bit out of the frame… but whenbent back the other direction, there is no flex whatsoever. That screen keeps the phonevery ridged. Even using all of my force there is almost no bend to the phone. After putting everything I have into bending the phone…
I was able to get it to kinka little bit. But honestly….. as long as you don’t do anything stupid… you shouldbe just fine. No high end phone is entirely indestructible. Moral of the story? Get a case and a screen protector and your phone will live a longhappy life.
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