(Music) Ryan and Russ are working with MoniSmart Security to give the Tagues sma…

(Music)Ryan and Russ are working withMoniSmart Security to give the Taguessmart control over critical parts oftheir home. For safety and to help them Hi, my name is David. I’ve been with Furniture Leasing Corporation for almost 2 years now. I’m an America… save money on utilities. Bruce, how are you?
Great, how are you? Great to have Moni on board. We appreciate your help. Security systems aresuper important for any family butespecially for Ed and his family. Couldn’t be happier to be part of this. How to Use Fetco Home Décor Items Collection Security in todays world is really more thanjust security it’s automation. You see I got Stephen here who’s also aveteran.
Thank you for your services. He’s installing the cameras so we’re doing a lot ofthings with cameras, and door locks,and thermostats, and light modules,and motion sensors. So it’s really more than justsecurity and really help them to protectall families and more importantly helpprotect our veterans in a sense to besafer than what they’re doing today. Come home, have automation there andpush one button house lights up,thermostat cools down, the cameras are active. Well we can’t thank you enough but there’s alot going on there like you mentioned solisten if Gunny starts yelling at you guysif you’re not working hard enoughtell them I already talked to you. Alright, thanks great job!