Military Family Faces Financial Challenge of Adoption

NARRATOR: US Army soldier, Billy,didn’t plan on a career in the armed forces,but 9/11 changed his mind. BILLY: I saw those towers fall. I mean, I really connected to serving your country. I needed to focus on what it means to be an American 32 Cheap home decor DIY ideas and doing my part. NARRATOR: Billy joined the Army and deployedto the front lines leaving his wife, Lindsay, behind pregnantwith their first child.
Lindsay supported his decision to enlistand trusted God to bring him home. Every military wife has that fear, will they come back? You just let go. You put your trust in God. A recent survey found that 70% of Americans are currently worried about their personal fin… You just take one day at a time. NARRATOR: Since that first year, the couplehas navigated through multiple deploymentsand raised four kids. Lindsay says Billy does a great job balancing his careerand family.
LINDSAY: I’m very proud of Billy giving all this timeto our country, to our family, and beingthe example that he has been. NARRATOR: Billy believes it’s Lindsaywho deserves the recognition. BILLY: The spouses are the backbone of this country,because without them, there’s no way we cando anything and do what we do. NARRATOR: The family dynamics changed dramatically whenthe couple took in two siblings beingraised by their grandmother. When she got sick and could no longer care for them, Billy and Lindsay were approved to adopt the boys. That meant reworking the family budget. BILLY: We had to analyze our finances.
My mind was racing. Looking at our finances in our current situation, God’s guiding us, so I know that he’s always provided,and he continues to provide. NARRATOR: Billy and Lindsay are members of First Baptist ChurchKilleen near Fort Hood, Texas. The church contacted Helping the Home Frontand asked if CBN could help with the adoption fees. We said yes. Pastor Randy Wallace stopped by to letthem know that CBN would help. They wanted to provide y’all with $5,000 to help withthe future legal fees, and we as a church are thrilled to bea part of that as well.
NARRATOR: And that wasn’t the only surprise. They want to take you on a shopping spree to Sears,and they’re going to spend hundreds of dollars today withyou at Sears, making sure that your kids have fresh tennisshoes and blue jeans and whatever else y’all need. Thank you. PASTOR RANDY WALLACE: We ought to do more than just stand backand applaud, and that’s where their organization has alreadycome to the table with that. That is cool. Which one do you like? NARRATOR: CBN took the family shoppingto buy what they needed to accommodate all the children.
Now, this army family can focus on finalizing the adoptionwith a little less financial stress. LINDSAY: Helping the Home Front has definitelychanged our story and could definitelychange other military family’s storiesto make a dream come true that they didn’t evenknow they could even ask for. We’re so thankful.