Mike: Hi, my name is Mike Robertson. Phil: And I’m Phil Hassell. Mike: And we’re the co-di…

Mike: Hi, my name is Mike Robertson. Phil:And I’m Phil Hassell. Mike: And we’re the co-directors of Mike Robertson Associates lifestyle financial planners inBattle, East Sussex.
Today, we would like to discuss investments, but not so much investments. I suppose the word ‘Why’. Phil: Why would you invest? Mike: Why would you want to invest? They come to us because they know what we do. Hello, my name is Emily Gasner, and I’m with Working Solutions, and I’ll be talking about how to be creat… Phil: Well, you would hope that that would be the case. Mike: You would like to think so.
Phil: Yes. Mike: But I suppose a product is how we do certain things. But for a client . . . tounderstand our clients, we have to understand their why. Why would you want to invest?
Whatare you trying to achieve? Phil: And I think that’s where we come upwith the strategy whether it’s someone with£10 or £10,000,000, the key issues are theprinciples for whatever that amount of money is exactly the same. Our aim is to make sure Imagine a smart home for everyone. A smart home that adapts exactly to your needs. Most sm… that people achieve the things that they want to achieve with the peace of mind knowingthat money is never going to run out. Mike: Well that would be nice, but that’s everybody’s dream or, is it? Perhaps they don’t understand that, and that’s what wegive them.
We give them a guiding light. We actually walk them through their goals oflife. Making sure there ultimate aim is “Will this money ever run out?”Phil: And I think a lot of people could probably work out themselves that ultimately moneyprobably wouldn’t run out. However, one thing they haven’t really probably sat down “Whatare their goals in life?” And maybe that’s really where people need to come and talkto us even if it’s just to talk around “What are my goals? I’ve got this money but whatcan I do with it?”Mike: Come along and have a chat, explainto us what you are trying to achieve. We’ll work with you to attain your goals for lifeand that’s what we here to do. Phil: Definitely.
Mike: I’m Mike Robertson. Phil: I’m Phil Hassell. Mike: Thanks very much.