Meet Michael and Nancy. They spend more time at the office then they would like. But despite working lon…

Meet Michael and Nancy. They spend more time at the office then they would like. But despite working long hours, they make sure they spend plenty of time outdoors withtheir daughter. Michael and Nancy chose because the emPower Home Automation Solutionensures their property is safe and allows them to take comfort in having control oftheir home and manage their energy usage. With emPower, they get more out of their securitysystem.
It allows Michael and Nancy to control their lights, locks, small appliances, and TIFFANY BROOKS: The HGTV Smart Home 2016 is located in the bustling, high-tech hub of Rale… thermostat settings. They arm and disarm their system remotely from their computer or smartphone. They no longer have to turn around if they forgot to set their alarm before going to the dog park or take a long lunch to let the contractor in. That’s because emPowerprovides them with the ability to grant lock access codes for anyone who needs access totheir home. When their contractor unlocks a door, Nancy immediately receives a messageinforming her which door was open and who unlocked it. emPower also makes their homesmarter. Their lights turn-on automatically when they disarm their system or when motionis detected.
And when Michael and Nancy both need to stay late at the office, they simplyturn the lights on to make it look like someone’s home. But perhaps Michael and Nancy’s favorite Hello everyone, Chipp Marshal here. And in this week’s video, I am going to show you everything you need … feature is the ability to control their home’s settings on the go. It’s easy to save energywhen they’re not home or warm up the house on the way back from a long day of hiking, whether the trails are from across town or across the globe. They also create Smart schedulesthat adjust their thermostat and their lights automatically. All they have to do is armtheir security system and the rest takes care of itself: the lights turn down, the temperaturegoes down, and the front door locks. With emPower, Michael and Nancy are able to lowertheir energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
Whether you’re a busy professional,a growing family, or a small business owner, emPower helps you control energyand gives you true automation. emPower yourself. Get started with emPower today for greaterconvenience, control, and peace of mind., stay secure, stay connected.