Meet brothers Brendan and Kyle, tinkerers, hackers, and best friends. – I’m probably phy…

– Meet brothers Brendan and Kyle,tinkerers, hackers, and best friends.- I’m probably physically stronger.- I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say that.- We gave them an OnHub router from Google,a box of smart home devices, 50 DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Joyful Holiday Home and a day to see how many thingsthey could connect using OnHub and IFTTT. IFTTT stands for”If Then Then That.”IFTTT lets you connect your apps and devices togetherby making simple”if this then that” statements. Each statement is called a recipe.
And recipes let you control and automate your connected devices Hey, I need money… Please help me. I don’t have money in my bank account. Even, i don’t … both in and out of your home. OnHub is now the first routerthat works with IFTTT.- Let’s do it. Here we go.- All right.- We’ll kick off with something simple. When my phone connects,we’ll send you an email that’s like, “Kyle’s home.”- You’re home— Do you care if I’m home?
If Kyle’s phone connects to the OnHub,then we’ll send a Gmail.- Our first recipe.- So I’m reconnected back on OnHub.- Okay. And there we go. Kyle’s home. So, I mean, that’s super easy. Really fast. It’s simple but–but actually pretty cool. Cross that off.- Okay.- Let’s mess around with this thing.
What if maybe you’re leaving the apartment,and your hands are full of stuff,you walk out the door,you leave the network, and it just locks behind you? That would be sweet.- We’ll do your phone.- Yep. Yep, I’m connected.- Cool.- Coming out the door, I’ve got a ton of stuff, I got a backpack, I’m walking out, here I go. I’m gonna disconnect,and it should lock behind me. Nice.- Hey, there you go.- Perfect, that’s great.- There it is. Done.- Done. You still have those ping-pong balls, too.- – See what elsewe got to work with.
I think the camera could be,like, you know, security-type feature.- Brendan, so now my phone’son the OnHub network,so tripping the security camera…- Yeah.- Shouldn’t do anything.- Boom. We obviously got our lights.- So we have our hypothetical party here…- As more people join the network,more stuff will happen with the lights.- Right.- Josh and Jen.- Jen.- On the network.- They’re on board to OnHub.- And…their two personalized lights.- Carl, Eric, and Frankie.- They’re all on the network. It’s a throwdown. Look at that. Perfect. One, two, three. Success!- I kind of just want to, like, blow out the next thing.- We got stuff left.
I plan to use the connected switch,and then I’ll set up a recipeso that when I connect, I’ll have some switches turn onand hopefully these’ll just kind of launch into the air. Let me enjoy the fruits of my labors here.- You got it, yeah.- Connect, why not? Okay. I’m on.- Oh!- – OnHub just keeps getting better. Now the first router that works with IFTTT.- How cool is that?- It’s a pretty fun party.