Magical Winter Boot

Magical Winter Boot Today we will make a magical winter boot for this we need an oilcloth scissors and an adhesive tape repeat after me we put pieces of oilcloth on the boot wrap the boot with an oilcloth and fix it with adhesive tape this form, which I do as an example, is a single layer of oilcloth To get the boot from the form, cut it with scissors to the end and pull out the boot adhesive tape connect the place of the cut this form consists of five layers of oilcloth At the bottom of the shoe we lay an oilcloth to keep the form with the help of hot glue decorate the shoe with natural moss You can use a different material, at your choice Now I will show you four options for applying The first variant: arrangement in a shoe on an oasis for artificial flowers second option: an oasis for fresh flowers. the third option: Just a glass of water. In it you can put any fresh flowers. Use a shoe in the form of a vase.
fourth option: Use a decorative boot for a Christmas present !! In this boot we insert any potted plant and the gift is ready !! in order for this form to be stable, we lay stones on the bottom and distribute them evenly Today I make a Christmas composition from New Year’s decor, on an oasis for artificial flowers look, behind me and enjoy the process Soon Christmas.