Logitech thinks smart homes are too complicated, so they created the Pop. These buttons look simple, but …

Logitech thinks smart homes are too complicated, so they created the Pop. These buttons look simple, but can actually be very powerful, when paired with connecteddevices like Philips Hue and LIFX bulbs.
They come in a range of colors, and a starter pack includes two and the hub, which plugsdirectly into a wall socket. Setting up the Pop is easy – the iOS or Android app will guide you through the process, So I found these small wireless charging receivers on Amazon, You can add them to any phone to make it wi… which includes plugging in the hub, pairing it with your phone, connecting it to yourWi-Fi network and then adding Pop buttons. It’s incredibly easy to do, and the instructions are easy to follow. Once you’ve added a Pop, you can create recipes for it. During setup, your Hub scanned your Wi-Fi network for smart home devices. Mine found my Phillips Hue and LIFX lights easily, as well as my Sonos Play 1. I had to add in my Logitech Harmony Hub afterward, but that was easy, too, and only asked meto log in using my account.
With all the devices added, I just dragged items to the Pop’s control screen, combining 24 Cheap Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself smart devices however I wanted, and setting the desired state for each. It was easy to create recipes where my home entertainment system would turn on and the lights would dim with a single press of a Pop, and I also assigned a single lamp toa different one. Thanks to the Harmony Hub, I could even control my air conditioning unit, turning it on andoff with a long press. You can even connect your IFTTT account for more options. What Pop does is take the sting out of smart home management. With a range of connected gadgets, it’s easy to get mired in the various control apps,and in setting up activities and actions and trying to get it all working together. Pope is great at streamlining everything from setup to control, making smart home controlas easy as flicking a light switch, but adding portability and a bit of style as well.
Logitech’s Pop starter kit, including a hub and two Pop buttons, details for $99.99. Additional Pops are also available for $39.99each.