(light pop music) – The Jesuit mission, I think, really kind of drives our focus on the st…

(light pop music)- The Jesuit mission, I think,really kind of drives our focus on the students. We’re a very student-centric business school,not centered on all sorts of outside things,but focused on those students Alright today I’m going to show you how to remove the visor and replace it on a CS-R2 helmet.
Th… and their development over four years. Our walls of the Carroll School are permeable. They take great business courses,they understand and learn about management,but at the same time, they’re moving back and forthfrom the terrific undergraduate core curriculumfrom their own minors and majors in the liberal artsso that we create students that are broader,more interesting, more curious about the world, Pineapple Strawberry Planters for Succulents and not just narrow management types. And I think one thing that’s gone astray with management education and perhaps leadership in the USis we create narrow-bandkind of I-shaped thinkers about management. We wanna create T-shaped professionals,those who are broad, curious,and have an understanding of the world and the humanitiesso they can ask the big questions throughout their career. Our faculty, I think, is unparalleled in two dimensions,if you can combine these two dimensions. One is teaching.
We have great teachers throughout the business school,and they’re great teachers at the undergraduate leveland great teachers at the graduate level,and the same faculty teach both. The other element in which they’re great is their research. They are some of the world’s best scholars. It’s those two elements being integratedwith the entire set of Boston Collegethat makes us distinctive. I think being in Boston has some great advantages. Well, one is we’re tied to the some of the most excitinginnovative firms in the world. I think Boston is clearly a creative hub.
Those firms hire our students for internships,those firms hire our students for their first jobs,and those firms are right at BC’s doorstep. The other advantage of being in Bostonis it’s great, it’s fun! I mean, you’re right near Fenway Park,you have other universities. BC is a uniquely-located university;this great kind of quiet beautiful campus,located in one of the most exciting cities in the world. We wanna create students who are broader, more imaginative,curious for life, great learners,understand what it is to have men and women for othersand not just narrow managementor business technical experts. So, that’s what makes us distinctis the breadth, the broadening of students,and encouraging them to pursue their passionsin the liberal arts while they pursue their passionsin the school of management.