Life is hectic. Just when it seems like it couldn’t get any busier, there’s another appoin…

Life is hectic. Just when it seems like it couldn’t get any busier,there’s another appointment to schedule,errand to run, or place to be. And it’s easy for family time to get lost in the mix. So when those important family moments do happen, Okay so today we’re going to install a Spit Fire Windscreen on a motorcycle. Basically it comes with the … the last thing you want to worry aboutis an unexpected distraction. Anything that provides peace of mindduring these precious moments is invaluable. Honeywell is in the peace of mind business.
With their line of Lyric smart home products,you know your home is in good hands,even when you’re not there. Lyric is a connected home system So I found these small wireless charging receivers on Amazon, You can add them to any phone to make it wi… that adjusts to the way real people live,taking care of your home, so that your attention is exactly where it needs to be. Using Microsoft Azure, Lyric devicesleverage built-in sensors that detectwhen there’s an issue, like a water leak,and automatically alert you, no matter where you are. With the Lyric app, you can send important notificationsto other users, like a trusted contractor,ensuring they’re alerted to the problemand can connect with you about repair options. From the Contractor Pro web portal, your contractorcan review and analyze water leak data remotely,deliver real-time diagnostics,schedule an appointment, and quickly fix the issue. And with predictive analytics,smart data shows when aging parts require replacementbefore they fail, allowing your contractorto address both issues in a single visit. Thanks to Lyric’s advanced security features,you don’t even have to be home when the leak is fixed.
With the touch of a button you’ll be ableto remotely unlock the door so your contractorcan come in without disrupting your day. From there, the leak can be fixed,staying ahead of what could have been a much bigger problem,and avoiding costly damage to your family’s home. And that old air filter that needed replacing? Good as new, and keeping everyonein your household breathing easier. Life isn’t going to get any less hectic. But together, Honeywell and Microsoft are helping familiesadapt to our ever-changing world, with intelligent productsthat allow you to focus on what’s important.(upbeat music)