Kwikset SmartKey

If you’ve lost your house key, or for some other reason had to change the locks on your home,Kwikset SmartKey then you know what a big inconvenience re-keying can be. That is until now.
Today on Around-The-House, we’ll show you how to re-key your home in seconds! Welcome to smart home automation systems i’m going to explain to you what geofence against and how ca… Kwikset’s SmartKey technology, available at your nearest Menards, is the smart approach to home security. You can give out a key to someone temporarily, such as a contractor,baby sitter or neighbor, then render it useless later. SmartKey is the only affordably priced residential Kwikset SmartKey lock that you can re-key yourself in seconds. You can change the key instead of the entire lock So I’m here with my favorite nerd, Tim Costello. How you doing, Tim? I’m doing alright…. and stop worrying about who has a key to your home.
Another great advantage is you can also re-key all the locks in your home to work on just one key. That really reduces the number of keys you have to haul around with you. To change the key, simply insert the current functioning key, give it a quarter-turn clockwise, insert the learning tool, remove the existing key, then insert a new key. That’s all there is to it. Now, you may think, if it’s that easy, how secure can this system be? First of all, for the lock to be re-keyed you first need the current functioning keyand the learning tool to make the change. Plus, SmartKey provides superior grade one heavy-duty commercial grade security.
It passed the most rigorous lock-picking test in the industry. Also, SmartKey provides Kwiksets’ exclusive bump guard feature, making it the first affordably priced residential deadbolt that is not susceptible to lock bump, a technique that can defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks. Nor has style been compromised. SmartKey is available in a variety of decorative finishes to match any décor. Get smarter about securing your home and enjoy a greater feeling of control, convenience and peace of mind with SmartKey from Kwikset. For other do it yourself projects check out Around-The-House at