January 2018. Bullet Journal Ideas

January 2018. Bullet Journal Ideas ♪ Fly me to the moon ♪ ♪ and let me play among the stars ♪♪ Let me see what spring is like ♪♪ on Jupiter and Mars ♪ January 2018. Bullet Journal Ideas Erik: What’s your advice on how to best support a spouse during a period of extended family illn… ♪ In other words ♪- Hi loves, how’s it going? It’s Ann. So in last week’s article, I did a minimalism life update where I talked about my move from my 3,000 square foot home to my now 7,300 square foot apartment. It’s a really, really nice and great transition.
I’m really happy with the way things are turning out and I will keep you guys posted and updated whenever I make changes to the apartment so stay tuned for articles on that. Other than that, today I am going to share with you my January 2018 monthly spread. I cannot wait for 2018, it’s the year of the Scorpio. Yes! It better be a good year because 2017was not a good year for me. Also, quick update, a lot of you guys have asked for me about the Creative Minds Journal. That is gonna come out the beginning of the year, 2018.
I’m still working on that. I didn’t like the way the Kickstarter project was turning out just because the person that I hired to work on this project with me didn’t see eye to eye with me and didn’t align with my whole vision so I kinda had to start over again and I can’t wait to share with you guys new updates. So let’s go ahead and get started with today’s article. Alright, so here’s a quick little recap of December. I went for a dire wolf theme. I was really into Selena Gomez and Marshmello’s collaboration and I also love Game of Thrones so I mixed the two together and I went for this theme. Overall, I really love all the layouts in this spread.
I thought they were fun to create and also very visually appealing. The last two pages, I really enjoyed them. I’m still working on writing down what I envision for this year so this is something that I will always go back and work on. As usual, I went ahead and sketched up everything. Since it’s the beginning of the year, I wanted to make January into a dreamers theme. I believe that we all can envision what we want to see manifest for this year. Sometimes we limit our beliefs into just thinking of things that we can only do but it’s okay to reach for the stars, it’s okay to think beyond.
Although some ideas may seem impossible for you, it may seem so far out of reach, it’s okay to exercise them into visions because visions turn into desire and desire turns into inspiration. Without inspiration, we would not have that drive to stay motivated so therefore, start with a dream. Dream big, dream beyond, and reach for the stars. What I’m drawing and painting here is just me sleeping on a fluffy cloud bed and I have some fun desserts just floating around with some stars and a teapot just floating. It doesn’t make sense but it’s fun and that’s what dreams are about. Sometimes they don’t make sense and sometimes they do but all together, it’s for fun and it allows you to expand, expand what you can create in your mind. In the first two pages of my spread, I like to have fun and get super creative with the doodling, with the painting because it allows me to just meditate on what it is I want to do or accomplish for the month and it’s such a great way to allow your mind to open up.
So drawing is very important and part of the planning process and this is something that I always encourage in every one of my journaling articles. For these next two pages, I wanted them to reflect upon last year. So in this box, I’m going to write down things I learned in 2016and then on the right side are things that I want to unplug before starting the new year. Things that I want to eliminate, things that do not serve me anymore. And that doesn’t mean just negative experiences or negative people because those experiences also teach me valuable lessons so I just want something that doesn’t serve me anymore and that doesn’t provide me value. The next couple of pages are strictly for planning so I just break them up into weeks. I like to plan by the week but you can make these into days, you just need more pages so that way, you can plan out your days.
So on the left sides, I have notes and then on the right side are for my weekly planning. And then I’m adding a couple of tea and coffee artwork into the boxes. I love to do a mind spill. A mind spill is the best time to just let all your thoughts out and I usually like to do a mind spill every morning. So this is a great page to revisit every morning and just write down, jot down something that has been just flowing through your mind, spill it all out so that way it doesn’t bother you or you don’t have to always think about it. Alright, so here is the finishing look for this month’s spread. I am all done with this and I’m pretty happy with how it looks and this is something that will be fun to revisit, look back.
I really love this because it reminds me of a children’s book illustration so I would like to continue doing this style more