Its been 16 years since the release of the Nokia 3310… This is that awesome invincible phone with the S…

Its been 16 years since the release of the Nokia 3310… This is that awesome invinciblephone with the Snake 2 game on it. We have photographic evidence that this phone is invincibleIts been 16 years since the release of the Nokia 3310... This is that awesome invincible phone with the S... and I know that its true because I saw it on the internet. So lets open it up and seewhats inside. Turn it off, slide off the back cover.
Remove the old school lithium ion battery and sim There’s too much stress in the world around finance a lot of that stress can be reduced through better e… card. And then without any effort the front panel will pop off. The plastic buttons canalso be easily removed. For the front panel, you will need a T6 driver to remove 6 screws. Tools will be linked down in the article description. Once those screws are out, there are a few clasps on each side that hold the front paneland circuit board in place. The screen you see here is a 84×48 resolution Monochromegraphic display.
Lets take a look at what else is inside this phoneOh what is this? This must be why they call it a ‘brick phone’. It has an actual… reallife size brick inside. Pretty impressive actually… I can see now why the phone is Tiffany brooks: the hgtv smart home 2017 is located in beautiful and sunny scottsdale, ari… as durable as it is. Lets take a look at the circuit board.
On the front you can see the contact points forthe front buttons, and on the back here, you can see some Adamantium encapsulated Faraday cages. A Faraday Cage is a grounded metal screen that surrounds the circuit board toexclude electrostatic and electromagnetic influences. If we pop off the cage you can see… Ahh! This here is the snake from the snake game. It must be some type of analog to digital conversion that makes it function inside ofthe circuitry. Lets pop off the bottom Faraday cage…
and… ahh… That’s why it call itSnake 2! because there are two snakes and they actually take turns on screen. Smartmove. Don’t want them getting tired and quitting. Here is the exposed circuit board.
Up top we have the transmogrified arc reactor, anonbianry transistor… which isn’t super logical in any sense of the word. Neutroistransistors have been widely regarded as nonsensical. Over here we have the inverse panometric encabulated flux capacitor. This helps with the hydrocopticsinusoidal duractance, Wile synchronizing the retro unilateral magneto reluctance resistor. Overall… solid build.
I am pretty impressed. These LED lights are built in flush with the board to help make the phone as extraordinarilythin as it is. Well, lets put it back together! Ill keep one of the little snakes as a pet, and tuckthe other one back inside to keep on working. Kinda like the iPhone sweat shops in China. Before I finish, look at the size of this vibrator! I’ve never seen one this big insideof a cell phone before.
Get those 6 screws back in to place, and pop the front panel back on. Once the battery is back in, you can use the top power button to turn it on. Look at thoseboot times! Infinitely faster than both Android AND iPhone! I’ll be using this as my daily driver for the next few months. It has everything a techenthusiast could possibly need.