It’s pretty hard to find a truck box that will fit Tacomas. I have a 1998 two door Tacoma with an extende…

It’s pretty hard to find a truck box that will fit Tacomas. I have a 1998 two door Tacoma with an extended cab and finding a truck box that would fit
It worked out pretty well. It’s kind of covered in insulation dust right now. As far as the lock goes, it does have a lock and the reviews that I read about it onlinesaid that the lock is usually the first thing to go on this. From what I can tell it’s pretty sturdy so when it’s locked it doesn’t open upat all. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Kanye West has a taste for the finer things. A new report from Page … The lid is pretty secure. Obviously, you know, you can get in it if you wanted to.
Opening it up. Just kind of go slow. I just did a couple dry wall jobs and stuff so I’m pretty full right now. But other than that, the box has worked out pretty well. Like I said, it’s one of the only boxes that will fit in a Tacoma. I wanted the low profile for mine just because I don’t like it when they stick up pastthe window; it’s kind of annoying. So yeah, if you have any questions let me know.
I think the whole box costs like 250 bucks from Lowes. The thing is if you go to the post office and get like a moving kit, they usually havea 10% off coupon that you can use towards any perchance. As far as like the lock mechanism inside goes, it’s just this little bar that goes up intothe top and then down to the other side. It’s the same kind of mechanism over there. One guy on the forum said that when your lock mechanism breaks, he just took a metal barand put it straight across from the two – a more secure metal bar – and he said thatworked out fine. Yeah, I haven’t had any problems with it so far. It doesn’t come with a mounting kit either so you have to buy a mounting kit at the store.
Basically it’s just two little bars that go in and kind of clamp onto your…the lipof the truck, like right underneath there. So…pretty fun. When you don’t have a garage, you have to take care of your tools somehow.