It is always important that my family’s always together. I’m Cindy, and this is our daughter Cecily. And …

It is always important that my family’s always together.
I’m Cindy, and this is our daughter Cecily. And this is my mom, Betti.It is always important that my family's always together. I'm Cindy, and this is our daughter Cecily. And ... We used to live in Germany for 23 years. And she’s finally reuniting with me and she will see Cecilyhappily grow up in San Francisco. She’s starting a new life in the United States. O several organizations teaming up.
Theo: three men and women live … We have a bare bones room that doesn’t have anything for her. There’s no design, there’s no interest, it’s not comfortable, it’s not pretty. It does sometimes feel a little bit dark. You need to think creatively about how to fit everything into one space given all these challenges. We also want her roomto serve a lot of purposes, so we want it to feel like a bedroom but have a deskand have her be able to sit and read comfortably, talk to her friends back inGermany, and we want it to feel like a little oasis so it’s difficult to putall that in a room but not feel cluttered. We’re really excited to beable to surprise her. She’ll have input and provide a lot of ideas on the space, Julian goldman: i’ve been fortunate to be working with a group of collaborators that were brought togethe… but she won’t be involved in the final details and that way she can come in andfeel like it’s a fresh, new place and part of her new life.
I can’t wait to see her look when she sees the room in it’s final design. I’m really excited. It’s so beautiful, but it’s efficient, because sometimes you canmake things that are attractive but you can’t get any use out of the items. And here, I feel like everything has a purpose. You can pull everything out to gainaccess to it. You can get to all your pants on the bottom, you can see through tolook at all the small things and because there’s a light, you can actually seewhat you’re looking at. This feels like furniture, not just a closet.
Before, it felt like nothing was hers and there’s no personality and now it feels likeher room and a home. Both halves of the desks are really useful for storage. The side by the bed can be used as bedside storage with little drawers and you canaccess it from the sides. It feels like a dresser. And I’m sure Cecily will love visiting her there. It’s amazing how much we can make out of this space. My mother brings so much positive light in our life.