Interior Decorating Ideas for Traditional Style

Interior Decorating Ideas for Traditional Style Traditional décor calls for a more formal, classic furnishings. But don’t mistake traditional for stuffy. Here are the hallmarks of a traditional style that feels up-to-date. Nothing says traditional like classic furniture. These can be antiques or new pieces inspired by antiques. Adding a single piece of classic furniture says your look is here to stay. A symmetrical room arrangement is another hallmark of traditional style, might mean a sofa and chairs thoughtfully balanced around the fireplace.
Artwork that is arranged symmetrically contributes to a traditional look. Rich colors are another signature of traditional decorating, but the look doesn’t have to be heavy. Paint in fabric colors that are light in value but have warm undertones create an airy traditional look. Details can really define your décor. Add traditional trims and finishes to your window treatments, pillows and accessories to get a sophisticated decorator look. Traditional decorating exudes warmth and comfort. It’s a style that transcends trends and time.