In the future, our homes will be smarter than we are. (upbeat music) FW:Thinking attende…

– In the future, our homes will be smarter than we are.(upbeat music)FW:Thinking attended CES 2015. The consumer electronics trade showthat’s all about incorporating the tech of tomorrowinto the products of today. Hi. I’m Bill Becker.
I’m the CEO and founder of BDI. At BDI we’re a design driven company so we really fo… What did we discover while we were there? Come along and find out. Here I am at CES 2015 at the Lowe’s Iris Smart Home booth,although to call it a booth is not really accurate. They’ve created a whole mock-up of a home hereand pretty much anything that goes in your homeis now a smart device. Meaning that you’re going to be able to have controlwhether you are in the house or on the other side Hello welcome to the money management kit online. The kit has been designed to assist you … of the world.
And there are all sorts of sensors that can connect into this system. You have a central hub which will be the command centerfor everything, from door sensors, light sensors,sensors that open or close your blinds,ones that control the ceiling fans, climate control,there’s just about everything you can imagine. Let’s say that you wanna let somebody into your homewhile you’re away, you can open up a lockwhile you’re somewhere else. What if you forgot to water the lawn,you can do that now, even on the other side of the world. Beyond that you could control your lightsso it looks like someone’s home even if you’re away. You can have climate controlso you could be really efficient with your energy use. That’s gonna make a big impact on your wallet,not to mention it’s environmentally friendly.
The point is we didn’t have options when we left our housebefore to know if everything at home was still going welland now we have full control over practically everythingin our house just through an app and central hub. But let me tell you what the future’s going to be. Let’s look ahead maybe five years. Right now these technologies are largely respondingto our commands. So when our needs arise, we tell our commands through an appand then the home responds. But in five years the home’s gonna be anticipatingour needs before we’re even aware of what they are. In other words we don’t have to worryabout the mundane things that usually cause usto have that panic attack.”Did I leave the garage door open?””Did I lock the door?””Did I turn off the appliances?”All of that is gonna be taken care of for us,anticipated by a house that’s smarter than I am.