In front of me I have the LG V20. This is probably one of the easiest phones ive repaired all year! …

In front of me I have the LG V20. This is probably one of the easiest phones ive repaired all year!
Its always good practice to keep these screws organized. I always set them on a separate piece of paper, in the same general shape and location thatthey were removed from the phone. Put the screws back in the same hole they came from. I will link all the tools AND replacement parts for the LG V20 down in the article descriptionof this article. One of the basic things about feng shui that I would say would be apparent for every single person, no ma… After the screws are removed the top and bottom sections of the phone will pop off. These are made of pure plastic and are held very firmly in place by a few clasps, so you do have to get semi aggressive with them. After those are removed the rear back plastic back can come off.
This exposes the loud speaker, the finger print scanner, the rear sensors and flash. This is also where we would replace the camera lens as well… which something I need todo someday soon as well, so watch out for that video. Looking at the motherboard, Ill unclip the little lego-like screen ribbon cable at thebottom and then adjust the front facing camera so that I can lift out the mother board, withoutthat catching. Then I can pull the board from the frame of the screen. This is what your replacement screen will look like. You will have to move over the little tiny components like the circular vibration motor,the earpiece, and the buttons along the side, and the most important component…the headphone jack.
Having a phone without a headphone jack would be like having a President who doesn’t believein climate change. Completely illogical. I will link the replacement screens in the article description, you can check the pricethere. They are already surprisingly cheap compared to other recently released phones. I’m going to check out the motherboard before putting the phone back together again. You can see the OIS stabilization on the regular rear camera lens. The wide angle lens does not have the Optical stabilization.
Each of the cameras can snap off like a little Lego piece. But unfortunately the charging port is permanently soldered. So if your charging port breaks, you are out of luck, unless you have a micro solderingstation and some major skills. Ill clip the cameras back into place. Make sure you get them back into their correct slots and orientations. The mother board will sit perfectly into the frame of your new screen, and you can clipthe screen ribbon cable back into place there at the bottom. Then set the back plastic piece down on top of the main board, with each of the two littleend caps and all 21 screws.
There are an incredible amount of screws, but at least the phone has a solid build quality. So ya, If you break your screen, it’s going to cost you some monies, but at least itspossible to swap with just a simple screwdriver. You wont need to go robbing hair dryers from little old ladies to open this phone up likeyou would a Samsung; those are much more difficult to repair.