If you have a cracked camera lens on your Galaxy S8, don’t worry, it can be replaced on its own for cheap…

If you have a cracked camera lens on your Galaxy S8, don’t worry, it can be replacedon its own for cheap – without opening up the phone.If you have a cracked camera lens on your Galaxy S8, don’t worry, it can be replaced on its own for cheap... And the repair doesn’t take very long.
It is pretty tricky though, so make sure to watch this article all the way through. Let’s get started. This is Financial Advisor Patrick Munro talking about the benefits of living cheaply. Well folks we live … The exterior protective camera glass for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus is the exactsame size on both phones. The clear glass has no focusing abilities, it’s just a little square clear protection. The main thing holding the glass onto the phone is some really strong adhesive. This adhesive can be softened with some high heat.
You can use a hair dryer for this…but since I don’t have a hairdryer, a heat gun worksjust as well. Once the glass is warmed up until it’s just barely too hot to touch, you can pick yourstarting point. 20 Cool Home decor DIY Project Mine’s going to be the center point where the glass is broken. And then try to lift off the camera glass without dropping any glass shards or dust into the camera unit below. The reason you don’t want any glass falling inside of the camera unit is because in orderfor the camera to focus and stabilize, the camera has to physically move, and if glassdust is caught down inside of the unit it will block that movement making the cameraunable to function. So, keep the dust and any new glass breakage during this removal to a minimum. Feel free to warm up the glass if the adhesive starts to harden again.
After the big chunks are gone make sure to clear that adhesive completely out from insideof that metal ring. If there are any little niblets of adhesive or bits of glass dust, when you press yournew lens into place, the new lens will shatter because of that pressure point. I’ll use the sticky side of a piece of tape to try to pick up any remaining shards ofglass inside the metal frame. And here you can see what I was talking about earlier with how the camera needs to physicallymove around in order to stabilize itself and focus. A good replacement camera glass took me a long time to find. There are a lot of plastic imitation lenses on the market and nothing works quite as wellas glass does, and these bonafide hardware camera lenses are real glass. I’ll link these lenses down in the article description.
It’s not a bad idea to get one as a backup or maybe get two if you’re actually attemptingthis repair on a Galaxy S8 because one might break during the installation. It is glass after all. Make sure there are no fingerprints or dust on the underside of that glass before youplop it down into the little square on that metal frame. I’m using a clean cloth to just brush off any prints, and then I can remove the adhesiveprotection. Then I’ll drop the lens into place. Gently situate the glass inside of that metal square. This is where most people will probably break the replacement lens by applying too muchpressure.
As a side note, even though there is adhesive surrounding that lens, I still wouldn’ttrust the replacement to be water-resistant. And while that might be slightly disappointing, a cracked camera lens isn’t water-resistanteither. The little yellow blip you see on the screen is from my Galaxy S8 durability test a whileback – it’s not from the camera. It looks like my focus is working and the camera is taking clear pictures. A tip if your camera stops focusing is to open up the camera app, turn the phone cameraside down, and do a couple sharp taps on the screen to jiggle any dust out of the cameraunit. If that doesn’t work and the camera doesn’t correct itself after a few days, the cameraunit might have gotten damaged during the glass breakage. Replacing the camera unit is also pretty inexpensive, but it does require opening up the phones.