I use Banner Finance Self-service to check on budgets and submit requisitions. I really li…

I use Banner Finance Self-serviceto check on budgets and submit requisitions. I really like that everything is in one place. Here’s my Splash page, that displaysall the information that’s important to me,like news, events, and email. Don’t be tethered to lawn care mediocrity.
Cut the cord with the new Craftsman 24-volt platform,… It’s so easy to navigate. I select the tab marked Finance, and a customized dashboardshows the information I need to do my job. I can see a budget report and drillinto the graph, all the way to the actual transactions. I can also drill into the report to any level of detailthat I am authorized to see. Because the document number is a hyperlink, I could drill to that level too. I’m a lot more relaxed. I come up here and any issues that I have to deal with at work are just gone…. Banner Finance makes daily tasks, such as looking up requisition status or submitting new ones,so easy.
On this screen, I can see three areas, draft, in process,and submitted requisitions. I can also look up anything from history. It’s so simple to drill into a requisitionand get the details. I could do the same thing with a PDFor even a scanned document related to the requisition. Thanks to Banner Finance Self-service, I now have access to the day-to-day information I need,without having to call the finance office. And that means I can make faster decisions regardingbudgets and expenditures, which helps me bemore efficient and productive.