I got my hands on the OnePlus X. The budget smart phone from the company One Plus. I initially wasn’t goi…

I got my hands on the OnePlus X. The budget smart phone from the company One Plus. I initiallywasn’t going to make a durability video for this phone, because I didn’t think It wouldbe far to compare a 250 dollar budget phone along side 700 dollar flagship devices… But… Between the YouTube comments, and my twitter followers, I was convinced to giveit a shot. And I am glad I did.
Lets start with the scratch test. If you’ve seen my other videos, you are familiar with Today we’re going to reassemble my torn down Galaxy S7. ETrade Supply noticed that I destroyed my old scr… Mohs Scale of Hardness, and the pics that I have that let me know what level of hardnessthe glass has. The One Plus X is rockin’ Gorilla Glass 3. It also has a screen protector included and preinstalled on the phone! I forgot aboutthis minor detail, and was very surprised when the screen started scratching at a level4. BUT…
lets remove that plastic screen protector and try the test again. You can see that my pics leave no mark, up until number 6, 6 left a minor scratch, and7 left a much deeper groove. This is exactly on par with the other smart phones that haveGorilla Glass 4. Like the Nexus 6p and Blackberry Priv. A razor blade could do a little bitof damage, but you’ll have no problems with keys or coins scratching your screen. 10 DIY Home Decor Ideas with Painting The back is made of the same exact material, and scratches on the same level as the frontGlass. A small scratch at level 6, larger scratch at level 7.
So far the phone is doing pretty well! While we are scratching things… lets scuff up the camera lens. The camera lens is independentof the back glass panel, You can see it move around inside its little circle as I scratchit with my razor blade. The lens is scratch resistant! Which is awesome. A scratched upcamera lens would absolutely ruin picture quality.
Props to OnePlus for protecting theircamera. The 700 dollar Blackberry Priv did not have a scratch proof camera lens. Thumbsup if you like taking clear pictures. Lets move onto the extreme heat test. I have tested 10 different phones now with this lighter…and every single phone has survived unscathed, except the Nexus 6p. The Nexus 6p’s pixelsturned white, and then never recovered…. The same thing is now happening to the OnePlusX.
The AMOLED pixels turn white… and never recover. This particular background hidesthe damage pretty well, so let me switch it to a plain black background so you can seethe permanent damage. Now… I’m not going to say that the Nexus 6p used a budget AMOLEDscreen…. but…. I will say the 6p screen is very comparable to the budget AMOLED screenof the OnePlus X.
But lets be honest. Don’t start a fire on top of your device and you’ll be just fine. The metal sides of the OnePlus X feel very good in your hands. It is relatively softthough, so be careful when your phone is around razor blades, and keys. Onto the bend test. Ill be honest… I was100 percent expecting this phone to break…but after the initial flex, it locks out and will not let the phone bend any farther.
Thereare no weak points. If youll watch my teardown of the OnePlus X, you’ll see that each sectionof the phone, like the motherboard and battery, and charging port, have their own little compartmentinside the metal frame. Which allows the front glass, motherboard, and battery, to all addstructural integrity to the phone. Making it unbendable. I am very impressed with this device. It is awesome that such an inexpensive phone canbe more durable than a device that costs two or three times as much.