I chose Whitman because of the accounting faculty. They’re always supporting me in my life professionally…

I chose Whitman because of the accounting faculty. They’re always supporting me in my life professionally and academically. I have been able to obtain an internship and now full-time position with PwC because of themI chose Whitman because of the flexible curriculumand the strong experiential learning component. I’ve had the opportunity to work with bigcompanies like Staples and GE on actual projects that will save those companies real money. bundys garage bundy here today we are working on a 1998 5.7l liter chevy tahoe w… I selected Whitman for my M. S. finance program for the Bloomberg certification which I canget through the Ballentine Investment Center.
Also, because of the small class size and the networking opportunities available to us through the Career Center here at Whitman. I chose Whitman because of the value that the MBA degree offers. I came to Syracuse for Law School and I was looking for a dual degree program to combinewith my law degree and definitely Whitman was by far the best opportunity that Syracusehas to offer because of the prestigious faculty, the diverse classroom and all of the opportunitiesthat just come from the MBA degree alone. I chose Whitman because I recently sold myfamily business and the companies that were in it as I go back out into the workforce. 20 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes Ideas I also appreciated Whitman’s commitment to work with local businesses in our classes. It gave me the opportunity to work with nine different businesses that had real world problems and real world challenges that they needed our help in solving. Also, as an older student I appreciated the focus on experiential learning.
I chose the Whitman MBA because of the strength of its Supply Chain Management program – andalso because of the opportunities provided to students for experiential learning. I wasn’t just sitting in class having really meaningful discussions with my professors, I was out there networking and working with alumni and corporate partners and being areal consultant – which made the experience far more meaningful for me.