I am going to present a topic on budgeting. Again with the help of Expert Village hopefully we’ll be able…

I am going to present a topic on budgeting. Again with the help of Expert Village hopefullywe’ll be able to help people and assist people in terms of developing a budget.
In this clipwe’ve got another budget item that can have an impact to the budget and that is transportationor automobile expenses. This is something that I’m very, very familiar with having twoautomobiles in the household. So again this is something that I know in detail how itcan impact the budget. Under the transportation/auto expense category there is basically there 10 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Transform A Tiny Space is basically three things that you can have. You can have a loan on your automobile ora lease item that we’ll talk about, parking fees associated with it; maybe you work in a downtown area that has a parking garage that you are paying a monthly expense forand then auto service. There is just routine maintenance, unfortunately, that you haveto take care of; changing the oil, brakes, those kinds of things that impact the budget. With loans and leases, that’s fairly easily in the budget because either you’re set upon a payment plan on a car loan or a car lease so again if you have a newer car you are payingwhatever the monthly car note is.
Let’s use an example. Say you are paying $300 a monthso you’d have that as your monthly budget item on the budget sheet. Parking fees; I Right now we’re going to change the throttle position sensor on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The throttle posit… remember when I worked in a downtown area, we had a parking garage and the fee was about$45 per month. So that’s fairly easy, to include that in the budget. The item that’s probably tough to get your arms around would be auto service because again that is not predictable. That?s going to depend on how new or how old your vehicle is and what kind of service requirementsit requires.
However you should try to look back, maybe a year back in your older recordsor maybe keep records for a year to determine how much the auto service is. In my case itnormally runs about $1000 to $1200 because we are changing tires, we are getting brakesdone on our cars at least once a year and we’re changing the oil at least once or twicea year on our vehicles. So in my instance I include a budget of about $120 a month forcar expenses. So again this is very important as it can have a huge impact on your budget. So I would encourage you to really be conservative on that auto service and make sure that youput enough float in that budget for the auto service.