I am Caitlin and I am an Associate in Card Services at JPMorgan Chase. When I was little I’m pretty sure …

I am Caitlin and I am an Associate in Card Services at JPMorgan Chase. When I was little I’m pretty sure that I wanted to be a firefighter. That is not what I’m currently doing, obviously. I work in the Card Services line of business, I‘m currently supporting the partnership credit card division so I’m working on three different credit cards,two travel and entertainment, one affinity credit card.
I’m supporting them in a marketing role. For all three products I do different things, I work in acquisition so acquiring customers, 23 space saving clutter-free kitchen countertop ideas! speaking to existing customers about the benefits and rewards that they have with their current cards,as well as working on some new product development. “We need to hold the benefits up that are new and really showcase those.”I was able to help the retail branches with their chip rollout, developing the website as well as educational materials. The brand JPMorgan Chase, you see it everywhere, it’s huge. But when you actually work here you kind of understand that it’s not really this humungous,big, scary place, you’re just instantly a part of the family. My parents actually owned a boat and they wanted us to learn how to swim. As I grew up, I ended up being good at it.
I swam in high school and then in college, 31 Smart IKEA ideas for kids I kept with it, ended up being able to be the captain of the swim team my senior year. Competition is exciting, you don’t always win the race. Even if I wasn’t winning, coming in fifth or sixth place, I was getting those extra points. It teaches you in life that, being a team member, even if you’re not the star, your work is still important. Wilmington’s great, it’s the city but it feels very small town, everything is very accessible,there’s a lot of restaurants on the waterfront. It’s very close proximity to Philadelphia which is where I live. The people that I work with are really great, and just understanding the financial industry and Card Services is exciting to me.“Creative is loaded into media bins, so we’re good to go.”Whether it’s getting a small business loan, or your first mortgage, we’re really helping customers.
And that’s a really great feeling, knowing that you’re able to impact customers at pivotal moments in their lives. Being an athlete and working in corporate America are very similar, you’re on a team withreally great people going towards a common goal and there’s no better feeling than reaching that goal.