How to replace iPhone 7 Battery in 3 minutes

Today I’m going to quickly show you how the battery is replaced in a regular sizediPhone 7.How to replace iPhone 7 Battery in 3 minutes The biggest problem people will have with this repair is damaging the screen in theremoval process so be very careful. Always attempt any repair at your own risk.
DIY Popsicle Ice Cream Sticks Shelf – Easy Home Decor Ideas Turn off the phone and there are 2 pentalobe screws at the bottom. These are the same type of screw that Apple has used in previous versions of the iPhone. I will include all the tools you’ll need for this project right below this article in the article description. Now because of all the waterproofing adhesive around the edge of the screen, a suction cupisn’t going to help out a whole lot. Plus there are a few ribbon cables you have to watch out for and I’ll show you thosein a second. So to remove this screen I’m taking a thin metal pry tool and going between the metal Indian Shoe Cabinet Entryway Organization! frame of the phone and the plastic frame of the screen and gently lifting it away fromthe edge, slicing through any remaining adhesives on the side. Lift up gently; we want to make sure not to damage any parts of the screen as we do this.
Here are those sensitive ribbon cables I was talking about earlier. Do not damage this. There is adhesive on the top of the screen as well; cut through that with a metal prytool and slide the screen down a little and it opens up like an 800 dollar book. Remember it is excruciatingly important that you do not damage or put any stress alongthese ribbon cables along the side. They are for the screen and if they get damaged your screen might stop working and will needto be replaced. Apple can’t seem to use normal screws so whip out your Y000 tri-point bit to removeall four of these screws. Since most normal people don’t have one of these lying around I’ll include a good,inexpensive tool kit in the article description.
Keep your screws organized. One screw is longer than the others and we don’t want that going in the wrong holelater on. This ribbon is for the battery itself so we’re going to unsnap that just like a little Lego. Some people would suggest removing this oversized taptic motor down here at the bottom to getbetter access to the pull tabs. It’s just 3 screws and a ribbon cable, but I prefer to just grab the pull tabs withoutremoving extra components. These pull tabs are magical – but very fragile. As they are pulled the adhesive stretches out right from underneath the battery, noheat or prying required – as long as the adhesive doesn’t break on you.
Mine did break once but I was able to salvage the broken end and pull it the rest of theway out. If you are unable to reach your broken pull tab, you must commence the pry of shame. If you end up prying out your battery, do not puncture or bend it, it will start onfire – just like what you saw with my Note7 battery explosion video. Now that both pull tabs are out, the battery is completely free and ready to be swapped. Replacement batteries are usually pretty inexpensive, especially a year or so after the releaseof the phone. The iPhone 6 batteries are only about 5 or10 dollars right now. Thumbs up for these beautiful aluminum machining marks on the inside.
I actually do think this is really cool. I will link the current iPhone 7 battery pricing in the article description along with everythingelse. Plug the new battery in and then plop your metal plate into place, getting these 4 littletri-point screws back in. Then gently lift up your screen and gently tuck the top of the screen into the metalframe of the phone before gently pressing down the sides and clicking it into place. I said gently three times just barely. Press too hard and you might crack your screen, so go easy on your phone, it’s had a roughday. Everything should be working at this point.
If your phone doesn’t turn on try charging it up for a bit. Sometimes new batteries don’t arrive with a charge. It is totally free for you and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.